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Life moves so fast! Who has the time to find and drink in all of the uplifting things that feed our souls? Stay In Positive is a place where you can take small, digestible SIPs of positivity to keep you going throughout your day.

I want to help you keep your joy in this challenging world by providing you with a variety of tools that you can apply immediately to your life. Whether it’s a funny podcast, motivating song, uplifting verse, quick recipe, or piece of art that makes you smile, you’ll find it here. I do all the work for you by curating the best assortment of positive SIPs to quench your thirsty soul. No matter your beverage of choice, stop by for a SIP!

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Laugh At Life Like A Pirate!


*All images found on Pinterest


When you pour a bowl of cereal and grab the milk carton only to find that there’s just a few drops left:


When autocorrect keeps changing your texts:



When someone says something that makes absolutely no sense, especially when it contradicts what they just previously said:


When you do something nice for someone in traffic and don’t get “the wave” from the other driver:



When you encounter seriously clueless people who don’t realize how seriously clueless they are:



For those conversations, moments, and situations that seem to go nowhere:



And finally . . . this illustrates today’s SIP perfectly: